What to Expect on Sunday

Worship and Sunday School
First Congregational Church celebrates worship services every Sunday morning at 10:30am. We join in music, singing, prayer, sacred readings, and preaching in order that we might reaffirm and ground our work and service as a community after the Way of Jesus. We encourage people to ask questions and challenge their own understandings as we imagine together how we can better be the church in our world.

Sunday School (school-aged children and youth) starts part-way through the Sunday service. Parents and guardians are invited to remain in the service or join their children. Children are also invited to remain in the sanctuary during the service if they wish. There is a space in the sanctuary where children can play while still engaging with the service.

There is a nursery for children under 5, and pagers are available. Check with the ushers to make sure an attendant is on duty.

Music is an important part of our worship. We have a full choir, a large handbell choir, and feature other ensembles and individuals who help lead our worship. Congregational singing is most often in the form of hymns, but we strive to explore all sorts of musical styles. It is important that the words we sing together be gender expansive, support worship in thematic and varied ways, and be theologically progressive.

Communion is usually celebrated every third Sunday. We celebrate an open table where all are welcome at God’s table. It is a meal of invitation for anyone just as they are and as they arrive. That includes both young and old, long-time members and newcomers, queer and gender non-conforming, professing Christians, those with big unanswered questions, and those for whom church and communion is brand new. Basically, for anyone who believes that by eating together we might encounter a truly divine presence among us – you belong at this table.

Most people join together downstairs for coffee, snacks and fellowship after the Sunday service. It is a great way to get to know people in a more personal and relaxed way. We share a potluck lunch about once a month, usually on the last Sunday of the month.

There are two parking lots: the top/front lot is accessed from the shared driveway with Wendler Middle School on Northern Lights Blvd near the Lake Otis Parkway intersection. The lower/back lot is just down the hill as you head east on Northern Lights Blvd. There is elevator access between the sanctuary on the top floor and Cary Mead Hall / Sunday School classrooms on the lower floor.

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