Life and Learning Ministry

The Life and Learning Ministry is responsible for the total program of Christian Education in the Church. They coordinate with the Minister and staff to enlist and train teachers and volunteers. The ministry also initiates new educational projects and classes, and provide a well rounded Christian Education program.

First Congregational Church is a family-friendly church that sees a vibrant and well-rounded Christian Education program as an essential part of the church, with programs for all ages. Come to First Congregational and find new friends – we would love to have you as a part of our church family!

Sunday School

Children attend the first part of Sunday service with their families. Sunday school begins after a Musical Offering. The Sunday school lessons are coordinated with music and crafts to keep the children interested and involved. The intent of the lessons is to further understanding and knowledge of Christian beliefs and values, always with an emphasis on the joy of God’s love. The teachers and volunteers strive to make Sunday school a meaningful and enjoyable experience.

There is a separate program for teens. It delves more deeply into the Bible’s messages for living in our times, and facing the challenges that come with young adulthood. All Congregationalists are encouraged to find God’s truth through experience. Therefore, a strong focus is on finding the joy of God’s love by giving to others, both within the community and beyond.

Adult Education

There are many opportunities for adults to learn more about their faith and community at First Congregational Church. While some adult education opportunities run consistently throughout the year, other options are announced in the Daily Update.

  • Lectio divina – every Wednesday at 10 am, a group meets online in the FCC Gathering Room to look at the scripture readings for the coming Sunday. Prayer, meditation, and conversation about the reading are the major parts of this practice.

Pilgrim Fellowship

Pilgrim fellowship (PF) is for youth of all ages. They are a fun group that does a variety of social, service and worship activities throughout the year.

Remembering Jesus’ commands to love God, one another, and our neighbors, we will promote and model compassion, concern, respect and responsibility.

Following the example of Jesus, we will encourage growth in prayer, biblical understanding, worship, fellowship, stewardship and service. We believe that these are key aspects of Christian discipleship. Also remembering Jesus’ commands to love God and our neighbors, we will promote and model compassion, concern, respect and responsibility.