Fellowship Ministry

“We need worship for our spirit, fellowship for our soul and committed service for our body.” -Larry Norman

Here at First Congregational Church, we think of fellowship as a type of sacrament. It is as important to our vibrant, welcoming faith community as baptism and Holy Communion.  For this reason, the Fellowship Ministry focus is our belief that caring for each other can be a very powerful way to help us not just endure but flourish. When we’re thinking about the welfare of others and working to make their lives safer, healthier, and more satisfying, our time and energy flow outward. Our lives have a purpose beyond survival; we are more likely to feel that we can make a difference, have control over our situation, and look forward to each new day.

Saturday Summer Fellowship

As soon as the weather is warm enough to gather in person, we’ll begin our Summer Saturday Fellowship.  Every Saturday until summer ends, bring yourself, your family, your friends to First Congregational Church from 1-3 pm. You may sit and eat a personal picnic lunch, plant or tend the raised beds, or work on one of the edible landscape tasks posted on the outside lower foyer doors. What better way to recharge your “batteries,” both mental and physical, after a cold, snowy winter.

We are here for you!

Meanwhile, if you want to chat and let us know how you’re doing, or if you have a specific need/suggestion for how we can support you, please don’t hesitate to pick up your phone or send an email. If you don’t have a current Church Directory, you can email or phone the church office (907-272-8363). Fellowship Ministry members are here to listen.