Fellowship Ministry

Humans are social creatures. We evolved to participate in community, to forge lasting bonds with others, to help one another, and to share life experiences. We are, simply, better together.

For this reason, the Fellowship Ministry focus is our belief that caring for each other can be one very powerful way to help us not just endure but flourish. When we’re thinking about the welfare of others and working to make their lives safer, healthier, and more satisfying, our time and energy flows outward. Our lives have a purpose beyond survival; we are more likely to feel that we can make a difference, have control over our situation, and look forward to each new day.

In these days of physical distancing, some of the usual ways we interact for information and to strengthen our sense of togetherness are not available. Therefore, we’ve created some new ways to gather together while we’re apart. All are welcome to join in, even if it’s just to say “Hello” in one Zoom room as they zip over to meet in another.
• Afternoon Tea – every Wednesday and Friday at 3:00 pm in the FCC
Gathering Zoom room
• Family Game Night – on the last Friday of some months (see the Church
calendar on this web site) – we meet in the FCC Gathering Zoom room to
play virtual games. Farkle anyone?

On Friday October 23, we gathered in the lower parking lot for our first-ever Jack-o-Lantern Carving Contest. Everyone welcomed an opportunity to visit in person with a cup of hot cider and a gingersnap in hand.

For upcoming months when we may not be able to meet in person again, we’re thinking about creating virtual versions of some of our events and designing new ones. Let us know if you would like to help plan for one of these or have another idea for how we can strengthen our bonds of caring and friendship.
• A Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper
• Workshops: Dealing with Stress, Creating a Pearly Gates Portfolio, How
to be Anti-racist

If you want to chat and let us know how you’re doing, or if you have a specific need/suggestion for how we can support you, please don’t hesitate to pick up your phone or send an email. If you don’t have a current Church Directory, you can email or phone the church office (OFFICE@fccak.org, 907-272-8363) and ask for contact information. We’re here to listen.