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You Are Welcome Here

First Congregational Church of Anchorage (FCC) has a long history in Anchorage, AK. It is an open and welcoming Christian community joining together as people learning, growing, and acting in faith. Come as you are.

Each member is an equal, vital, and voting member of the congregation. When many voices and imaginations come together, including the many which society and churches have silenced and ignored for centuries, new possibilities arise for all of us. Come and discover what you might hear and share.

This Week in Worship

19 May 2019

Matthew 6:5-15 – “Praying in Chorus”

The communal act of praying together is a regular part of our service. It is one way that we gather focus in one place to speak our worship into reality. One prayer we repeat each week is the Lord’s prayer. Have you thought about that prayer lately? Do you say it during the week? Maybe not.

This week we will be considering this act of communal prayer. We will also be sharing different version of the Lord’s prayer over the Summer. Some will be in different languages. They will all bring in rich and diverse language and meaning. I hope we speak one together that especially speaks to you.

See you Sunday at 10:30 am – First Congregational Church

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