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You Are Welcome Here

First Congregational Church of Anchorage (FCC) has a long history in Anchorage, AK. It is an open and welcoming Christian community joining together as people learning, growing, and acting in faith. Come as you are.

Each member is an equal, vital, and voting member of the congregation. When many voices and imaginations come together, including the many which society and churches have silenced and ignored for centuries, new possibilities arise for all of us. Come and discover what you might hear and share.

This Week in Worship

20 January 2018

“Dreams in Rich Variety”

This is the third week of a short series on Rich Variety. We will be looking at human and divine variety within the Body of Christ.

Dreaming is controversial when taken seriously. Visions and inspirations born in the subconscious are not bound by the real and assumed rules of our more serious lives. The connection of something so unrestrained as a dream to divine inspiration or communication is not only bold, but maybe even a threat to the current order of things. This week we will discuss life as we know as God’s dream, and what such freedom to live might mean for us.

Sunday 10:30 am – First Congregational Church

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