Submit your 2023 Pledge Card directly to the Financial Secretary using the button below!

The Pledge Card form does NOT submit payments. You will still need to bring/mail your payments to the church, or use one of the options below to set up an automatic payment.

If you prefer a physical pledge card that you can mail into the church office, click HERE. You can print the form, fill it out, and send it to the church office c/o the Financial Secretary.

One-time Donation:

Recurring Donation:

Sharing a Financial Donation

There are two options for making a financial gift through this online giving page. First, you must determine if you would like to give a one-time or recurring donation. Then you will be redirected to our online transaction page. Once the transaction is completed you will be sent back to our website.

Designated Funds: You may give to a special offering, memorial, or particular ministry. In order to designate your giving, put a note in the Optional Memo line before clicking the “Give” button. Be as specific as possible to make sure your donation is directed to the correct place. On the other hand, if you would like to make a general donation leave the memo line blank.

Recurring Donations: If you are setting up a recurring donation for your pledge or financial gift, the online transaction page will ask for the frequency of payments (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc.), how many payments, and the payment start date. You may want to consider setting it up so that it only extends through the end of that calendar year. By having it stop automatically at the end of the year, it is much easier to change your pledge or gift amount for the new calendar year. You simply come back to this page each year and set up your new amount for the new calendar year.

If you find that you need to stop or alter your recurring donation, you must contact the Financial Secretary. The office does not have access to any information pertaining to pledges and donations, but can help connect you to the current Financial Secretary.

When you give to First Congregational Church

  • You support and expand the Church’s programs, ranging from Sunday School to community partnerships.
  • You support a vibrant community of faith through engaged musical and artistic expressions. Specifically, vocal and handbell choirs, guest artists and musicians, and timely guest lecturers.
  • Your faith becomes a tangible spiritual practice. That is to say, financial giving is one of many ways we can engage our whole lives of faith.
  • You enable FCC to directly effect change in our community and the world. Not only in this physical space, but by working to embody the Way of Jesus as a community through social justice and advocacy work, Interfaith partnerships, support of those in need, building community partnerships, hosting support groups, and many other efforts.

Thank you for your financial participation in the work of First Congregational Church!

We also support many other organizations in Anchorage and Alaska with other types of donations. Check the Community Partnerships page or contact the church office to see what items we are collecting to share with our neighbors.