Online Worship

Sunday Worship – Online!

Join together for worship on Zoom! The service link will be open by 10:00am on Sunday. Service begins at 10:30am
Meeting ID: 714 054 878

The password is sent in the Daily Update. If you do not receive the Daily Update and would like the password, call or email the church office at 907.272.8363 or

Last Sunday’s Video

Acts 4:1-3, 23-31
Acts 4:32-37
Sermon: “Lenses of Life”

Video Archive

Isaiah 25:6-9
Mark 16:1-8
Sermon: “Belonging Safe and Brave”
Isaiah 50:4-9a
Mark 11:1-11
Sermon: “To Know the Path Ahead”
Blessing the Seed by Jan Richardson
John 12:20-33
Sermon: “An Unseen Way Ahead”
Numbers 21:4-9
John 3:14-21
Sermon: “Don’t Forget About the Snake!”

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