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Our Facility

We are blessed to have a beautiful facility.  In good faith, we share this space with our community.  In sharing our Church, we assume maintenance building, grounds, and equipment.  As a result, we must offset these additional expenses with those who rent space.

To request the use of space at First Congregational Church, there is a form labeled “Building Request Form” that can be printed and given to the church office to begin the process. The process for reserving space at First Congregational Church is outlined below:

  1. Contact the FCC Office to determine availability of the requested space(s) and time.
  2. Complete Facility Use Request and return to church office for approval.
  3. FCC will approve or deny request in a timely manner.
  4. If the request is approved, the contact representative will then complete the appropriate Building Use Agreement contract and any additional forms required.

The Church retains the discretion to allow or disallow any particular use by members or non-members and to increase, reduce, or waive any and all fees as it deems appropriate. Non-profit fundraising activities are allowed, but we are not able to rent our facility to host commercial for-profit events.

Building Request Form-

Fill out this form and return it to the church office for review. Final usage fees will be determined after a discussion with the Senior Minister or Church office.


First Congregational Church can provide a beautiful setting for your wedding. Our goal is to help you have the wedding you want at our church. You can contact the church office at 272-8363 and the wedding coordinator will set an appointment to meet with you and conduct a tour of the facility as we assess your needs. The church will seat around 350 people. We have either organ or piano for your special music and will provide the person who will play your music for a fee. We can provide candelabras for the center aisle as well as by the altar. The church has two floors and an elevator for ease of access to the sanctuary, and two parking
areas. Fees will be confirmed when you call the church and speak with our administrative assistant.

When you have met with the coordinator, plans will be put in place to make sure the church is available when you need it and for how long you will need it the day of the ceremony. There will be a practice two days before the ceremony to make sure you will know how all your plans will coordinate for that day. We look forward to sharing this very special day in your life.

Take a tour of our church facility!

Wedding Reservation Form-

Fill out the top portion of this form, and the Building Request Form (above) and return them to church office for review. Final usage fees will be determined after approval and a meeting with the Senior minister or Wedding coordinator.