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Moderator’s Message

Get Involved

I was talking with one of our new members a few Sundays ago, and we were discussing how best to become integrated into church life. Both of us allowed as how we found that volunteering to do something seemed to be the best way we knew of to make friends and beginning to feel “at home.” Antoinette sure has jumped in with both feet by volunteering right off the bat, even before joining, to serve as coffee host (delighting us with her wonderful fresh-baked blueberry bread!), and I remember 30-some odd years ago volunteering to help out at the Fall Bazaar where I got to know some really wonderful folks who became some really wonderful friends.

We have some great opportunities coming up for you to volunteer or to attend classes to meet new people who may, in fact, become life-long friends. Take a chance.

• Join in the Tuesday evening classes on the third and fourth Tuesdays of each month
• Attend the Bible Study classes on Sunday mornings or Thursdays at noon
• Participate in the many fellowship opportunities offered by the Membership Board – watch the calendars in this monthly newsletter and mark your personal calendar accordingly
• Plan to participate in the events sponsored by the Revitalization Planning Committee
• Volunteer to help out in the Sunday school or the youth group – they often need help
• CAWS often needs your help with Grandfamilies Brunches, Habitat lunches or dinners and other service projects
• Deacons sometimes need help calling on those in need of a visit or care of some kind
• Do you have musical talents to share?
• Volunteer to help on Sunday morning by Ushering, Greeting, being Lay Reader, providing flowers or acting as Fellowship Hour Host.
• Do you want to start something new? Go for it!

As you can see, there is no shortage of opportunities to get involved in your church community. The church truly is the people, not the building. Get to know the church. Participate.

Claudia Kniefel, Moderator

You can reach me by leaving a message with the Church office at 907-272-8363 (FAX: 907-272-5124) or by emailing